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Pottery wheel motors - Online 18 wheels of steel haulin.

Pottery Wheel Motors

pottery wheel motors

    pottery wheel
  • In pottery, a potter's wheel is a machine used in the shaping of round ceramic wares. The wheel may also be used during the process of trimming excess body from dried wares and for applying incised decoration or rings of color.

  • A source of power, energy, or motive force

  • (motor) centrifugal: conveying information to the muscles from the CNS; "motor nerves"

  • (motor) machine that converts other forms of energy into mechanical energy and so imparts motion

  • (motor) drive: travel or be transported in a vehicle; "We drove to the university every morning"; "They motored to London for the theater"

  • A machine, esp. one powered by electricity or internal combustion, that supplies motive power for a vehicle or for some other device with moving parts

pottery wheel motors - Speedball Clay

Speedball Clay Boss With Splash Guards 1/2 HP Motor

Speedball Clay Boss With Splash Guards 1/2 HP Motor

The Clay boss features sophisticated load-sensing control that maintains wheel head speed under changing load. All the features that the Pottery Wheel competition has been trying to keep up with. The Clay Boss sets the standard for the industry with value, quality, and price. 1/2 horsepower (industrial motor) Sophisticated load-sensing control - maintains wheel head speed under changing loads 100-lb centering capacity 14" wheel head with sturdy steel structure and long lasting polypropolene composite surface. Foot pedal with smooth variable speed control( 0-240 RPM) Reversing plug allows quick change of wheel head direction Easily removable modular control/foot pedal system 5-year warranty 2-Part Splash Pan for easy cleanup

82% (8)

PMT Plaxton Paramount 3200 Leyland Tiger ERF 23Y

PMT Plaxton Paramount 3200 Leyland Tiger ERF 23Y

The Potteries Motor Traction Co Ltd or just PMT for short, operated buses and coaches in the Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire area. Under the ownership of the National Bus Company, the PMT name was dropped and replaced with Potteries, this was only short lived, before the PMT name was re-introduced. In June 1983 PMT took delivery of their first Plaxton Paramount 3200 bodied Leyland Tigers. The letters PMT out of the word PARAMOUNT were in red, PMT even named their coach division Paramount Leisure. I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time when PMT's first Paramount Tiger ERF 23Y went out on a road test before it entered service. These Tigers were thrashed up and down the motorway day in, day out on National Express services and gave little trouble and could fly! Notice the none standard red and blue stripes and lack of Tiger head badge. Also note the wheel hubs painted black, this was due to the fact that the Tiger, Royal Tiger and Olympian all had spigot mounted wheels. To prevent the wrong wheels fitted to the these Leyland models, the NBC came up with the idea of having the wheel hubs black. Anybody who is interested in PMT should join POPS, which is short for Potteries Omnibus Preservation Society who were formed in 1976.

Delightful Delta

Delightful Delta

After the "lovely looking Lynx" in the previous posting, here is the "delighful Delta" to set the balance right. Optare's Delta on a DAF SB220 chassis was a Lynx rival and privatised PMT took nine Deltas and eleven Lynxes from new, which all entered service in August 1990. Delta 801 (H801GRE) and Lynx 860 (H860GRE) both made preservation following their final years with First PMT as driver trainers. The Delta still looks remarkably modern. LivingLegend1 is at the wheel, and the destination blind is pure personal indulgence dating to a time in PMT history appropriate to Fleetlines and Atlanteans rather than Deltas and Lynxes.

pottery wheel motors

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